Captain Termin straightened some papers on his desk, and glanced up at the veteran Senior Sergeant who was standing at Attention before him. "Stand down, Sergeant. At ease."

"Now, then. What's all this silliness that I am hearing about you leaving us? Are you certain that you won't reconsider and re-up for another term of enlistment?"

"Thank you, sir," Rondar replied as he stood at ease. <blue>"An' no sir. I'm afraid not."

Captain Termin glanced at one of the documents on his desk. "Well, if you won't, you won't. But do you mind telling me why? The Mailed Fist Militia Company here in Lucin is well-respected, and your service record is certainly exemplary. I see that you rose through the ranks from a raw recruit to your current rank of Senior Sergeant."

Rondar hesitated for a moment, and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, sir -- it's like this. I don't have any patrons to back me, an' I ain't of noble birth -- leastways, none that counts for nuthin' these days. That bein' the case, my possibilities for advancement beyond where I'm at right now don't seem all that good."

The captain cleared his throat, then commented, "I think that your assessment is . . . most likely accurate, Sergeant. But, tell me -- do you have any other possibilities for employment lined up?"

Rondar nodded. "I reckon that with the trainin' that I received 'ere in Lucin, I can make my way as a sell-sword. An' I hear things around town, you know? There's one group that in particular that I want to talk to -- I hear that they might be in the market for men like me."

"I understand, Sergeant. But if things don't work out as you hope, come back to us here in the Mailed Fist  -- with your record, we'll certainly welcome you back."

"Thank you, sir."

"Very well, then -- dismissed."

Rondar saluted by thumping his left breast with his right hand, and turned on his heel . . .

Rondar is the bastard son of Unygar the Black and a winsome concubine. Unygar was an Elder of House Omytaso, Clan of Zecaesin.

Upon his coming of age Rondar took up sword and shield at the behest of his father, and he eventually joined the holdguard ("It'll either make a man out've you, or mayhap you'll die. Either way, ye'll be out of my hair"). Rondar received valuable martial training during those days, grew into young manhood, and all was well -- for a while.

Unygar's primary holding was in a settlement of the same name as his House, Oymtaso, located between the settlements of Nuphilin and Lucin. Unygar and most of his kin fell during the Battle of Simutheu Bridge (pronounced see-moo-thay-ooh), along with many high-ranking rulers, which took place on the Fourth Day of Unweather 401AR.

It was at this battle that Rotheud successfully laid claim to the Low Hollow region, following the death of the Fast of Lesyhaven at the hands of one of Rotheud's bannermen in an ambush the day before. Following the fall of House Omytaso, the settlement was seized by Rotheud and granted to one of his own retainers as a reward for his service.

As Luck or Fate would have it, Rondar survived the battle, and, being at loose ends, he gravitated towards Lucin. There he joined the Mailed Fist Militia Company, and the training that he had received as a warrior in the service of Unygar the Black stood him in good stead. He rose through the ranks, attained the rank of Senior Sergeant, and was generally well thought-of by others who served with him in the militia.

He was allowed to retain his arms and armor when he mustered out of the militia four years after enlisting, and soon found himself journeying to Cotyldac to answer a call for aid -- and hopefully earn himself some coin, as well as mayhap to begin making a name for himself . . .

Rondar is a Human who stands right at six feet in height, and weighs around 225 pounds. He wears his dark hair cut short (it is cooler under a helm), and has a dark beard.

When equipped for battle he wears chain mail and carries a shield. He wears a longsword and a light crossbow hanging from his belt, and javelins are attached to his pack, within easy reach.