Alistair Vargas

Name:          Alistair Vargas
Species:       Humaniti             Homeworld:  Deneb/Ushani (Deneb 1925)
Height:        1.68 m               Weight:     60kg
Eyes:          Amber                Hair:       Dark Brown, short with a short trimmed beard.
Skin:          Light Brown          Age/DOB:    Mid 30's (13-1071)

Aleksis Dempster Scott has a striking appearance; light brown skin, seemingly fit and fairly good looking. His face is slightly non-symmetric with medium long hair and a short, trimmed beard. The man is dressed in a form-fitting fashionable suit with extra pockets. Carrying himself in a confident manner, he has flair and a jovial attitude. However he can also be condescending or dismissive, and has a tenancy to jump head-first into situations.


Born to a poor family who worked their arses of to get Alistair into a good school, Alistair was the kind of kid who did not appreciate his parents' hard work. He was entitled, or perhaps just oblivious to it, and partied as much as the best of them.

However it did pay off, at the end of high school, the father of his best mate invited him to work at his firm.

Alistair was a rising star, he had a good salary and worked as a trader broker. Well, assistant, for now. But he had it good, his boss was content, he had a good salary, and oh, he did miss an opportunity of his life time by hesitating, but it was all good.

Good enough that a few years later, he really was an trade broker. Newly promoted, Alistair gained the portfolio of an important client, Grunn Trade and Shipping.

And as quickly as that, it was all gone. Imperial trade restrictions forced the company to close and with it Alistair was sacked. But it was all good, his contacts at Grunn T&S had a good plan. Not entirely legal, but very profitable, potentially.

The next few years he worked in the 'alternate economy', ferrying goods in and out. All seemed to go well indeed, but then the operation was busted and although Alistair was relocated, he Imperial agents quickly found him.

He got another break however, as they were more interested in Grunn T&S than in him, and recruited him. Not entirely voluntary though, as there was this implicit threat of a prison sentence. Alistair accepted though, the agency fit him with some high quality augments and send him undercover. Here once again he did well and after a few years of dangerous undercover work, the company 's illicit affairs we completely shutdown. Well enough to get an invite into the organisation as Agent.

However, despite his success, Alistair decided undercover work wasn't for him, and he decided to leave the agency. The pay wasn't that good, and now free of his obligation, he decided to use his skills as a broker as a traveller. He figured he had a lot to offer for any captain, experience in trading, undercover work, morally flexible, and only in his mid-thirties.

Primary Certifications: Broker, Deception, Persuade, Steward
Secondary Certifications: Advocate, Gun Combat, Stealth, Electronics (Sensor)
Tertiary Qualifications: Admin, Carouse, Drive, Language, Recon, Streetwise, Vacc Suit