Theodore Bearington
Teddy is a teddy bear brought to life by a wish. He lived for many years, going on many adventures with the little girl that owned him. He got lost, and is now on a quest to save his kingdom and find his princess again.

Even before Teddy was brought to life, he went on adventures with his princess, serving as her loyal knight and best friend. They defended the blanket fort from the marauding dolls on the other side of the room and ensured the kingdom had the emergency snack supplies they needed by stealing them from the evil kitchen queen who didn't want them to spoil their dinner.

His princess even knighted him in a public ceremony where her parents laughed and applauded. They'd spend all day on adventures and all night telling stories just him and his best friend...his princess. It was a wonderful life...but as his princess grew up, they went on fewer and fewer adventures.

She started to grow taller and he...remained a teddy bear. One day she went off to a boarding school to learn "nobility" things, and was told Teddy couldn't go with her. She promised to return to him one day while he remained steadfast and alert at home. Patrolling the manor while she was gone, the local servants would sometimes have a laugh at his presence. "That 6th birthday present from the grand wizard is the one that just keeps on giving!" they'd snicker as he waddled by.

One day the castle was attacked by unknown brigands. Teddy tried to defend the castle, but the cloaked invaders laughed and punted him out a window like a useless old toy. When teddy awoke on the shore, he realized he'd fallen into the river and washed far away. He needed real armor and weapons to defend his lands and find his owner again (whom he calls "my princess"). It's hard to take this adorable little hero seriously, but he's not going to give up.

He'll prove he's not just a joke. He's going to be a real knight of the kingdom!

OOC SPOILER: Think Toy Story 2 (1999) + Paulie (1998), but Pathfinder. Stats using Leshy (Leaf Heritage) since his cotton and fabric have essentially been brought to life again through magic.