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21:02, 26th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Julius Stolo

A muscular Chelixian in well-maintained armor, wielding a halberd.

Growing up, Julius admired the work of the Hellknights. Their tireless enforcement of the Law did much to protect both his home town, and many others in the surrounding lands. Julius was convinced that joining their order was the most honorable achievement he could dream of. He spent as much time as he could learning the use of weapons, the appropriate way to greet nobles, and the design of the old Hellknight castle standing above the town.

Then... a Hellknight passed through Breachill. Julius made sure to follow the knight, to miss nothing of his actions. The Hellknight was seeking an old woman, one who would never hurt a fly, and who had given food to a group of escaped slave. To Julius' horror, the Hellknight executed the old woman in the street, for the 'crime' of helping someone in need.

Julius threw away the Hellknights icon he had found, and swore he would battle crime the right way, tempered by mercy, under the guidance of Iomedae.