Luc de Chasse
Luc de Chasse was born into a poor family struggling to survive in a small farming village on the outskirts of Paris. As a child he attended classes with local monks, mostly for the noon-time soup and bread that came after sessions on arithmetic, reading, writing, or religion. He grew up working in the fields with his mother but he dreamed of the day when he would old enough to go find his father, a soldier his mother claimed to he a member of the King's musketeers. After many years of anger, toil, and relentless training Luc finally made his way into the Black Musketeers only to learn that his father's name was not on the roll call of Musketeers.

The only bright spot in Luc's life a short marriage to beautiful woman that died during childbirth. After the death of his beloved Cecile, and his son Henry, Luc was astonished to become the inheritor of his former wife's wealth. But, money did little to resolve his sense of loss or general disdain for happiness and he spent several years fighting duels at the drop of a hat, glove, or batted eyelash.

Now he is settled and calm, but has reputation for being quick to fight. Luc has been looking to do more with his life. Possibly pursue a career in the Royal Army.