The Reveler of Night's Glamor

The Reveler presents herself as a beatific young maiden who oozes confidence and charm.  With dark silky locks, bright green eyes, and a killer smile... she's not one easily forgotten.  The Reveler often wears a black buff jacket, a dark cape, and a tunic or skirt (depending upon her mood).  She accessorizes with earrings, bangles, rings, and other trappings of the departed.

She's the sort who breezes into town, captivates the locals, and leaves them lamenting her absence.  True to her title, the Reveler loves to mingle with others.  Unshackled from her double dealing Master, the Reveler now sets her own goals.  Of late she has been exhorting the wonder of Necromancy in staged performances that blend dance, singing, chicanery, and oratory.   Reveler's riveting shows seek to break down people's apprehension and embed Necromancy into Creation's psyche, one town at a time.  Ancestor worship does also tend to follow in her wake.

Despite her outward merriment, the Reveler has had her share of scars and setbacks.  The lies that she tells about her origins conceal a painful truth that she guards closely.  The adoration of others isn't just a pleasure, to the Reveler it is medicine.  She has many devoted associates, but her true friends are small in number.  Few can secure such an honor, but those rare individuals can count on her support forever after.