Kanaria Northbow

Queen of the Redharbour Nation!  Builder of wonders and miracles!  Savior in a time of great danger!

Also a terminal stage shut-in, embraced with cosmic power by what she can only presume to be petty cruelty.  In spite of this, she perseveres, conducting the great alchemy of her new condition while serving as advocate and patron of what's left of her people in the days since the Fall of the Second Age--as well as a surprising number of refugees for that matter--she didn't understand architecture outside of a hobbyist level for most of her life, but she sure learned it fast since!

Never the most active in her youth, even infused with the fires of the world's creators, she is still perhaps a little more on the plump side than anything else, often clad in light, black iron plate from head to toe to hide this.  Of course, a close look will clearly suss out its ceremonial purpose designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear for a lengthy duration.  Her face is soft and bespectacled, expressive and prone to smiles, with her wine-dark hair prone to collapsing into unmanageable tangles from all her time spent napping or otherwise lazing about--barely held in check by ties into great, loosely held together tails of asymmetrical length.

The one thing upon her person that both stands out and actually looks dangerous is the great red Daiklaive Rubedo, a work of her own hands, forged of thrice-purified Red Jade and embedded with strange solutions of her own design.  The elaborate mechanical constructs imply it to be First Age in design--though the clumsy tooling and lack of particularly delicate inscriptions clearly states it as a modern build.

(Included image is what I used as a reference, though the armored sections are full body as opposed to stopping at the limbs because fanservice)