Name: Zadi
Race: Kobold
Height: 2'5"
Weight: 25 lbs.

Zadi is an affable and outgoing young Kobold who serves as one of several caretakers within her tribe; a subterranean community of her fellow Kobolds known as the Skitter Claws.  In days past she helped to raise the hatchlings, aid the spelunking teams, and handle other necessary domestic affairs.  Though her tribe is peaceful and even helps neighboring communities of Man in return for protection and goods, they have recently come into a territory battle with cave-dwelling Goblins encroaching on their homes.

Despite her diminutive stature, Zadi is a sturdy, athletic creature unafraid of danger.  She lives to protect others and serve the greater needs of her tribe, allowing her to face even unknown threats bravely.  Her hooded dress - upon closer inspection - is actually a Human's chainmail haubergeon that has been tailored and colored to better suit a normally-nudist Kobold in need of a little extra protection.  While one would not generally see someone carrying a shovel and a field knife as being armed, Zadi is quite proficient with using tools as weapons.

Even though she is a kind-hearted sort who is generally friendly to everyone, Zadi - like all her kin - bears an overt and unyielding hatred of Gnomes.