Basic Look:

Rik’arial stands 6 feet 9 inches though he is far more thinly built than some of his kind weighing in at around 220lbs with a tail about 5 feet long.  All down his spine starting at his head to the tip of his tail is a long bony frill which has a very bright blue color, brighter than his scales when he displays it.  His scaly skin is by and large a dull blue-gray color, his eyes are beady black orbs, his mouth broad array of razor sharp teeth. Many of his teeth protrude some but he often times seems to be "smiling" which isn't as comforting as it sounds thanks to that maw of his.  His chin is sharply protruding and broad as is his whole head which sits on a very thick muscular neck.  He has digigrade toes and a slight hunch forward giving him a saurian look overall.

His predatory appearance is which gives some beings a harsh first impression of him.  His personality cements that harsh perception more often than not.  He typically wears only the armor or clothing that is necessary in a practical setting. He sees little use for fancy or ceremonial garb.  He carries the weapons and tools needed to perform his tasks preferring to travel as light as he can.  A druidic focus amulet hanging from his neck is adorned with bones carved with a crescent moon symbol and decorated with crow feathers representing his status as a clan druid.

Personality:  A bit gruff, he seems impatient at times and tends to be blunt to others.  He seems to be hungry a lot and tends to refer to others as morsels--an off-putting habit to many especially when it is he is not afraid of eating other sentients.  To him, they are just meat once they are dead.  However despite this, if he likes someone or something, he can be almost outgoing.  A little too much.  He can be downright aggressive both when angry or when trying to be friendly.  Some might even say it is hard to tell the difference sometimes if he likes you or is trying to eat you.