Trinity Smith
Full Name: Trinity Smith

Nickname: Very few would dare to call her by a nickname,

Age: 22

Birthdate: January 12, 1998, 7:00 pm during the Wolf Moon.

Gender: Female

Occupation: Dancer

Nationality:  American

Languages: English

Overall Appearance: Trinity is of average height but this is where average ends.  Her long naturally wavy blonde locks frame an almost otherworldly countenance.   She is not your run of the mill beauty, yet she is beautiful in a very raw, unexpected and, dare I say, magical way.  A delicate, yet not weak, bone structure, fair, smooth, skin, eyes a captivating icy blue gray, lips full and curved with just a hint of seduction all set in a countenance that has unknowingly stolen many a heart, at least temporarily.  She is lean, yet womanly and carries a great spiritual strength within. She moves with a preternatural grace, showing confidence and poise even under stress. She wears make-up sparingly outside of work.

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 115

Eye Color: Lavender

Hair color: Soft Blonde

Hair Style:  Long, usually left hanging loose in natural waves or bound into a long braid.

Complexion:  Fair, smooth, clear skin.  She has a unique look about her that is almost otherworldly.  On her right hip is a sliver crescent moon shaped birthmark.

Body shape:  Lean, toned and fit, yet curvy where she needs to be, a dancer's body with a little bit more.

Clothing:  Nothing special, one can't be too picky in her situation, so usually jeans and a tee.  If she's lucky she will have boots and a jacket, otherwise sneakers.

Wolf Appearance: ....

Basic Personality:  As Nikola, or Nikki as she liked to be called, she had been a typical American kid living the good life; not spoiled, not selfish, but not necessarily overly conscious of the disparities in life.  While she did not look down on those less fortunate, she also did not seek out their company.  She was lucky enough to be considered part of the 'in' crowd but one could never lump her into the 'mean' girl category.  She did not treat those outside her ‘social’ circle with enmity, though in turn she did not make efforts to engage with them either.  It was that she did not think them worthy, just that she had her group of friends and , well, what else did she really need?

Unless circumstance required she stayed in her lane, as they say.  Generally, Nikki was a pleasant, even gregarious at times, fun-loving, respectful, responsible, good student with no issues and no worries.  She enjoyed reading, dance, cheer, and being part of the drama club and choir.  She also, if she had to admit it, loved being the center of attention and leader of the group.  Having a natural charisma and charm, as well as intelligence and a fairness of mind, made the role of leader easy for her.  Life was pretty good and she was happy, though perhaps a bit naďve and insulated from the trials and tribulations of others.

As Trinity, she’s a lot less talkative, less seeking of attention and much more wary.  She has an inner strength which has served her well over the last few years.  It’s kept her safe and alive and sometimes she doesn’t even know how.  There is an inner voice that speaks to her at times, and she often wonders if she is sane.  There is a haunted look in her eyes, a sense of sadness and loss, yet a steely resolve resides within them as well.  Her once bright future is now dark and solemn, her delight in life is now a mere acceptance of her fate and a fear of what may come.  She lives on the razor’s edge of forging ahead and ending it all.  If not for the company of her loving companions, she may well have chosen the latter by now.

Special Skills: Talented pole dancer.  Though not the raunchy erotic kind, she can still command an audience with her skill and grace, she can mesmerize and capture the attention like an elusive firefly.  There is something almost magically magnetic about her.

History: Trinity was orphaned at birth.  Her mother arrived injured and in distress, with no time for formalities she was rushed into the hospital and gave her last breath to see her child take its first.  She died with a sad smile, and left no clue as to her identity, much less any information hat would help them locate a father or even any relatives that might take the new born.  She eventually ended up in the system and at six months old, was adopted by Leo and Isabelle Carter, parents of four rowdy boys whose last hope of having a daughter was dashed in Isabelle’s final pregnancy which almost took her life.  Not wishing to take the risk of another pregnancy, the Carter’s opted to adopt and felt it was a God send when this perfect little baby girl came to them.  They graced her with the moniker of Nikola Elisabeth and brought her home.  Life was great, Nikola grew up fairly pampered and doted on by her family, thought, by no means spoiled.  She was a decent girl, with good values, obedient, for the most part, outgoing, friendly and fearless.  Thanks to four older brothers she was no missish girl and rode dirt bikes and climbed trees and wrestled with them like she was one of the boys.

At least until it started becoming obvious, she was not.  While she had always loved her princess girly room, pink and frilly, dress-up and so on she was not above proving she could get rough and tumble with the best of them.  She was no push over.  Unfortunately when she hit puberty and the transition from tomboy to young lady became apparent, there were changes made, some unconsciously, some consciously.  Which is natural.  She grew away from the wrestling and rough and tumble, though she still loved the dirt bikes, and moved more into the realm of make-up and crushes on boys and shopping and so forth.  Her parents were thrilled, her brothers, well, they were typical older brothers, protective, teasing, but decent.  Her life was lovely, really, so when she started feeling strange, she kept it to herself.  She’d read that puberty can mess you up, make you get a little flakey and all, and so she wrote it off as that and kept her family in the dark about her odd dreams and the..voice.  She convinced herself it was normal, that everyone had an inner voice, it was your conscious, right? And for a while she managed to keep everything under control and stay relatively normal.

That is until her long time boy-friend, Joey Marshall, captain of the junior varsity football team in high school to her captain of the junior varsity cheer squad, decided he was no longer happy with the chaste kissing and cuddling she allowed.  He was complaining that other guys on the team were getting far more from their girls, to which she replied, then go get another girl if you are not happy, because I am not ready for that, end of discussion.  Joey backed down, but a few weeks later, he decided to push the issue wile where were at Parker’s Point, a popular hang out for teens and make-out destination.  The last thing she remembered was him trying to pull her clothes off all while telling her he loved her and would always be with her, even as she begged him to stop.  Suddenly the inner voice screamed in her head, causing her intense pain..then she found herself in the woods.  Naked and bloody.  It was two days later, she found out once she stumbled back home wrapped in an old tarp she found.

Over the course of the next few days, she learned that something terrible had happened.  Joey was severely injured and had apparently suffered a mental break-down.  He was in the hospital being treated.  The same one she had been taken too upon her arrival home.  She’d been given a thorough exam, found to be in perfect health, though a little dehydrated from exposure, and still a virgin, which means who ever took her had not raped her, or even abused her in anyway other than leaving her naked and exposed to the elements.  The police were baffled, as the only information they had to go on was from one slightly off his rocker Joey who kept mumbling about how a monster took his girl-friend.  The one and only time she had tried to visit him, he had a complete freak-out screaming monster, monster, at her, and after that it was concluded that it would be best if she did not visit again.

For the next year, her life dramatically changed.  Though still cheer captain, now of the varsity team, she could feel the eyes of suspicion on her, the rumors of what happened that night growing in every telling.  On the surface she was still popular and liked but there was an undercurrent that she could feel.  They were uncertain of her, unsure of her, and even her family was starting to treat her differently.  It was when she turned seventeen that she learned the truth about her origin, that she was in fact adopted and not a blood Carter, only a Carter by legal means.  This sent her into a bit of depression, she was no longer the untarnished golden girl her family adored, there was a taint on her and she was feeling it more and more, though, she couldn’t understand why as she had done nothing wrong.  But then, it happened again, someone tried to hurt her, and, she fought back but this time, when she woke up in the woods, she didn’t go home, because this time, there was a dead body next to her in the woods.

Now she just knows that at random times she wakes up naked in the woods with wolves protecting her.  She has no recollection of what happened that got her there nor why wolves protect her as opposed to eating her, though she is extremely thankful and always rewards them with some meat.  Those are the times she feels lucky.  There has been twice where she woke up next to a dead body yet she has no idea how they came to be dead, though she certainly recognizes them as someone who had previously given her grief.  There are also stories of attacks on people, but each one describes things a little differently and while she recognizes them, they seem to not recall her, or, they recall someone but the descriptions of them seem to vary, which is confusing but, lucky.

She knows something is terribly wrong with her, she just can’t figure out what and trusts no one enough to seek help.  She no longer enjoys life as much as she is just surviving it, constantly on the move making her living from dancing in clubs on a cash pay basis.  She wants no paper trail, never stays in one area for too long, though she will pass through an area more than once, as over the years, she has set up lockboxes in various places for those occasions when she finds herself sans clothes once again.  She has meticulously found bus stations and lock boxes that have 24/7 accessibility and use combination locks that you can set to your own code.  This is necessary as any key could possibly be lost.  These are things she has learned the hard way, things that keep her alive, safe, and out of the wrong hands.  She is always looking over her shoulder, always ready to run and always alone.  There are some places she will never return; like home.  Nikola is dead, long live Trinity….maybe.