Alexander Silver
Character Name:  Alexander Silver - born Ouray Silverclaw (means "arrow"); son of Tyee (means "leader").
Born:  October 16,1872 (148 years old) in Silver Falls, Colorado
Height:  6'-5"
Weight:  244 pounds

As the son of Tyee, the Chief of the Silverclaw clan (a separatist tribe of the Native American Ute), Alexander learned at an early age what his forefathers did to warrant their curse.  Due to in-fighting between the Silverclaw and Ironclaw clans, and given many warnings to stop, the Moon Goddess cursed both clans.  Both now live with the ability to shape-shift into wolf and werewolf form...and males live out their existence searching for the "chosen" female that will make them whole, only have male offspring (IF the female survives the birthing and "transition"), and revert to permanent "rage wolves" (rabid wolves) if the "chosen" female was not found in a timely manner.  Alex not only heard the story of this encounter with the Moon Goddess, he witnessed it many times in the sweat lodge.

The Silverclaw clan was approached by the government in the early 1900's.  In cooporation with the U.S. Government, the elders agreed to to provide the  clan's "specialized skills" in exchange for the city of Silverton, Colorado.  It took some doing, but eventually an agreement was reached, and the Silverclaw clan was given the small town...which they renamed Silver Falls, due to the waterfall that flows out of a large rock outcropping on the west side of the town.

Alex joined the Marine Corps at the "young" age of 43...following in his older brother Nathaniel's footsteps (as well as other tribal males).  Alex spent many years as an active Marine, due to the U.S. Government transferring them over to the CIA in 1950.   Below is a short history of Alex's military service.

*World War I (1914 - 1918) - joined the Marines in June 1915.  Landed with the 5th Regiment in France, June 1917...mostly fighting throughout France, taking part in the Battle of Belleau Wood (June 1918).
*World War II (1939 - 1945) - 16th Infantry Regiment, Operation Overlord (June 6, 1944); Battle of Iwo Jima (February 19 - March 26, 1945)
*Korean War (1950 - 1953) - 1st Marine Division, Battle of Chosin Reservoir (November 27 - December 13, 1950); Battle of Bumker Hill (August 9-16, 1951)
*Vietnam War (1959 - 1975) - Blood Wolves created by Nathaniel Silver, April 1963 (died in Vietnam 1972); Classified operations in Khe Sanh and Hue City.
*Gulf War (1990 - 1991) - Blood Wolves; Classified operations in Kuwait City, Battle of Khafji, Battle of Norfolk, Battle of Kuwait International Airport
*War in Afghanistan (2001 -returned home in 2008) - Blood Wolves; Classified operations in Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kunduz, Kabul, Herat, Tarinkot, Tora Bora

Alexander returned home in 2008, retired from military service, and started to settle down in Silver Falls.  After a few years on the Tribal Police, Alex became a Special Agent for the Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs, mostly in part due to CIA Agent Robert Baer (who has retired in Silver Falls).  Through this, Alex has jurisdiction throughout the tribal reservation, as well as the rest of the country.  His counterpart, Ezekiel Irons (Ironclaw), who was also part of the Blood Wolves, holds this office as well, and the two are not on good terms for the most part.

Though the loss of Nathaniel in Vietnam took an emotional toll on his family, the biggest heartbreak came in 2010 the night he got the call from one of the Tribal officers, urging him to get to his father's house.  Even before he arrived on-scene, he could see the smoke and the glow from a large fire that was engulfing the family home on the southern ridge.  Alex's mother (Grace) was able to escape, but Tyee had been trapped under one of the large wooden beams and perished in the fire.

With his father gone, Nathaniel was to be the next in line as "Chief".  But with the loss of him in Vietnam, it was Alex's time to take the role.  He was somewhat prepared, but is still learning the ropes as he tries to balance his personal life with his Tribal duties.