Alonahele Kishul
Name:  Alonahele Kishul (spiritual guide of the forest and night)


Born:  October 16,1872 (148 years old) in Silver Falls, Colorado

Height:  6'

Weight:  187 pounds

Alo was born in the same year as the late Chief, Tyee.  They grew up together and became close friends.  Alo was always more on the quiet side, very introspective and very observant.  The perfect temperament for a future Shaman and advisor to the Chief of the Silverclaw clan (a separatist tribe of the Native American Ute).  Alo studied under the careful guidance of his father, who served as Shaman until his passing.  He learned of the ways of their people, of how they came to be as tey are now, and how to seek the blessings of nature, the Source and the Moon Goddess.  He learned of plants and animals and how each served a purpose and a need.