Ingrid the Warmaiden
The wild-eyed blonde Warmaiden hails from the untamed Skeld Highlands, bearing strange patterned tattoos across her arms and back.   Battle scars crisscross her face,  highlighting her savage beauty and the feral hunger in her pearly grin.  Ingrid is mostly armorclad, but uses silk wraps under her mail hauberk to cover herself from prying eyes and chilling winds.

  • Galadiir is puny and foolish, but amusing to me.
    Does our Elven wizard have the Barbarian lass charmed, or there some other reason she finds him entertaining?
  • Caedwen’s ways are strange and confusing.
    What is something unusual about his philosophy or mannerism?
  • Haslo is always getting into trouble—I must protect them from themselves.
    Does he have a history growing up around Ingrid where she would treat him like a little brother, OR did they share an adventure where he bit off more than he could chew and needed her help, OR is there something else she mentors him in?
  • Coraxa shares my hunger for glory; the earth will tremble at our passing!
    What desires or vices does Coraxa have in common with our hedonistic berserker, or does Coraxa simply get dragged along by Ingrid's enthusiasm despite any protests?
Ingrid the Warmaiden...

Ingrid, as a young Shieldmaiden...