Willow Treeborn

A little over 6ft his tall, lithe frame was covered in well worn and cared for equipment. Not a single piece looked new, or unused, from the weathered and nicked pauldrons with their sharp spikes, to the clean but frayed white tunic that stuck out from under the metal shoulder coverings. The metal he wore looked like it was mostly bronze, or bronze colored steel, it's shine dimmed with a slightly oily sheen from the careful application of an anti rust oil that Willow applied regularly to care for his gear. Various daggers, swords and tools are strapped to him, a large book made almost entirely of plant matter it was a gift from his mothers side of his family. Oak wood cover, pages made of magically softened and whitened and words written in ancient runes with various types of berry inks.

A dark green cloak slid over his shoulders, his white ruffled hair was interrupted by a pair of googles that sat atop his head most of the time and a dark leather gorget, silver buckle shiny with wear over his right shoulder the handle of his rune encrusted longsword sat, the finger ring in the ricasso allowing him to fence with it as well as swing it in various styles of combat. A couple of amulets hung around his neck and his green eyes flickered across the world around him alert and caring. A single cold iron earring in his ear glittered with blue and red runes as he rose to his feet, knee high black boots made of dark leather with no buckles or apparent seam.