At 6'3" Seth towers over most other people. Broad shouldered and exuding an air of dominance, he tends to turn heads and entirely fill whatever space he's standing in.

The Tiefling's horns sweep back over his black hair, giving way to eyes that are golden orbs, and a facial expression of crimson skin that is locked in a permanently overconfident smirk. A few fleshy, chitinous tendrils lengthen his chin, somehow both similar to yet also entirely unlike a short beard.

He wears a simple tabard bearing the colors and symbols of the hellriders over chain mail armor over gambesson padding over travel-stained but sturdy travelling clothes. He carries a backpack and a sling of five javelins across his back, with a heater shield bearing the symbol of Helm strapped to his left arm and a longsword sheathed on his left hip.