(I've made a sketch but my scanner is being a nuisance.)

Jaryd is a human male, aged twenty-two. He has black hair that he keeps tied back in a braided tail. He is 178 cm tall and is is 77 kgs. He is fairly thin of build.

Jaryd wears tall boots, pleated pants, a jacket in a military style, a half-cape, and a pair of tight dark gloves. He has a pistol holster on his right hip, and wears a vibroblade on his left hip.

Jaryd is usually serious and sombre. Rather than laughing at jokes, he usually compliments them. In fact he is usually quite polite, although a bit distant. He has a high opinion of his own status, like many aristocrats do.

Jaryd is from Serenno. He does not advertise this fact, but his aristocratic voice and accent give away his origin to anyone with an ear for the nobility of that world.