Real Name: Neil MacKenzie, PhD
Occupation: Researcher, Lecturer
Legal Status: Canadian Citizen
Identity: Secret
Place of Birth: Victoria, British Columbia
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: George MacKenzie (father), Helen MacKenzie (mother), Angus MacGregor (aka Iron Angus, grandfather), Kyle MacGregor (aka Tachyon, cousin)
Group Affiliation: SHIELD (consultant)
Base of Operations: Vancouver
Origin: Neil was born a delta-type mutant (noncombat abilities / no visible mutations) with superhuman intelligence and senses. Instead of attending Xavier's school and joining one of the X-teams, Neil went to Oxford where he earned several degrees as well as developing enough minor patents to grant his parents an early comfortable retirement.

After Oxford, Neil was recruited by SHIELD. Expected to become a world-class researcher, Neil was granted access to prestigious and secret projects including the doomed Kobik Initiative. This project was launched by Maria Hill to analyze fragments of cosmic cubes that had been collected over decades. For Neil, the cube fragments opened an entirely new field of study and inspiration struck.

When the Kobik Initiative was shut down, Neil disappeared from the world stage. When it was discovered that Hill had continued the project in secret, many assumed Neil had joined her. However, he had his own secret project in play.

Neil had researched the works of Drs McCoy and Erskine intensely. He knew that he could successfully replicate Erskine's experiment and enhance his own mutant genes. However, without vitarays, he was in the same dead end as all others who had attempted to repeat Erskine's masterwork.

The answer came from his work with SHIELD. Neil spent a year in New York, a city that had been host to beings of intense power from Galactus to Dormammu. Geared up like a Ghostbuster, he toured the city tracking and gathering the ambient radiation of gods and heroes alike.

With his own battery of cosmic energy, Neil returned to his lab in Vancouver and subjected himself to Dr. Erskine's Super-Soldier process.

Height: 6'
Weight: 163lb
Eyes: Green (before Super-Scientist Process)/Violet (after SSP)
Hair: Black, straight, long

   Esoteric Awareness
   Cosmic Physiology
   Cosmic Energy Manipulation

   Tesseract Workshop