Cesia Vannoia
"When you told me you can't sleep, count your sins instead of sheep, count the ways that you feel weak...but that is not what I see. You're no wreckage, you're a fighter, scraped and scarred by your own power. Sounding above the water, you're a wild melody."

"Bricks through windows, house you hate, walls you've built gone up in flames. Hear the roof cries as it caves, all its power on you fades. No one's had your heart before, felt that breathing on your floor, felt that wolf at your front door, felt that blood inside you boil. You're no sunset, you're not liar, you're the beauty I admire. You're the woods at night on fire, burning love, hope, and desire."

"They'll never get you right. Been watching you all night. And the people passing by, should tremble at your sight, but they'll never get you right."