Name: Edmund Walsh
Street Name: Ether

Description: He is an African-American human just over six feet with long, black hair and hazel eyes. He weighs over 250 lbs.

Backstory: Ether used to be your average Ed, working to sustain a loving family. Amidst the struggles of the world, he was the light of hope for his wife and daughter. He had a stable job at Aztechnology. His affinity for tech made him more qualified than most. Surely, the company would have his back.

He was wrong.

After an unfortunate accident involving a faulty Sunrunner, he is the only family member left in pieces. Prosthetics for his right eye, skull, and arm are a constant reminder of his failure as a father and supporter. Aztechnology hired a hitman to silence him. He barely made it out alive, but the hitman wasn't so lucky. Needles aren't supposed to go into the esophagus, apparently. He has to leave, find opportunity elsewhere.

He must hide with the shadows, and he can't do it alone.

Aztechnology owns the entire country. Nowhere is safe for him. Rumors on the street say Seattle, Washington is Shadowrun Central. With nowhere else to go, he ventures blindly into the realm of Shadowrunners. He leaves nothing behind but broken promises and enters a world of limitless possibility.

After all... what could go wrong?