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Sarge is an intimidating man.  What one would call a Street Samurai.  In truth he has more in common with the Samurai of old than what those called Street Samurai.  He was a soldier, Sergeant Major with the C.A.S. before eventually reaching his breaking point and making across the Boarder to U.C.A.S. Seattle. Sarge has done things and seen things that would give most nightmares, he lost his Eyes, Jaw and Left Arm to various combat encounters.  After years of fighting and being a money sync by the C.A.S. Sarge is essentially a military Tank gone rogue because it ran over too many civilians to sleep at night.  He did his best did as he planned, covered his tracks, ditched his ride for a new one in Detroit where he hopes it got cut into scrap.

Physically Sarge is 6 Foot 1, 200est Pounds counting the metal found throughout his body.  Sarge isn't the sharpest knife but for what it counts he tries to do what is mostly right, kill when its needed but doesn't look for bloodshed, rather wanting to first resolve conflict peacefully if he can, but won't hesitate to do what he was trained in order to keep himself or those he cares about alive.

He dreams of retiring to Mars with a fat stack to live on and own a ranch.  Don't try to explain it to him that it probably won't work that way because atmospheres and other science nonsense.