Name: Rød Skjorte [Rood Skyor'tay]
Handle: Red
Role: Medtech
Age: mid 20's
Sex: Male

Biography: Red freely talks about growing up a streetrat, in a streetrat gang.  The gang were his family after his 'rents died from something,  disease, starvation, he doesn't remember anymore.  He says he was "like five when they gave up livin".  In his teens he left the street and went to school.  How did this happen?  All he says is "I left, they couldn't accept what needed to be done, I did.  That life is the rear view, it's all going forward now."

He's been with Trauma Team a few years "in center tryin get an open slot on a T-Team", he's been "ridin the bus for four glorious months".

Outside of work he favors 'Urban Tacticool' that is perpetually 4 seasons out of style, mostly he says "For the pockets, man.  Those designer spools ain' got hold.  Where does anybody put their stuff?"  And stuff is right.  He always has spare kits, first aid, MREs, etc.

He's trim, lean, but not a lightweight.  He claims his Dad was a bear and his Mom an amazon, but if so he has a ways of growing to go.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 (more like 160 with pockets weighed down)
Eyes: Green
Hair:  Red, short and spiky
Distinguishing marks:  Nordic 'dude/frat' tribal tattoos on his shoulders and upper arms.

Psychological Profile:  Possibly on the spectrum, probably just an a-hole.  ADHAD, untreated.  Recommend leaving it untreated.  Description to follow.

Red is one of those perpetually lost in a crowd types, the kid who never fit in doesn't seem to know where he's at, his clothes don't seem to fit right, and he never knows what to say... until you get him knuckle deep in someone's guts and suddenly everything clicks into place.  Or a fire fight*.  Red claims he found out the hard way on the street, that he lives for edge.  When things are going smoothly, when there's no physical danger, he loses himself in every little sight, sound, every distraction.  But pour on the adrenaline, and he focuses with a laser clarity.

He has a incredibly high formal and technical intelligence, but almost seems to willfully ignore social intelligence, or possibly deliberately flout social norms.  Luckily none of his drive tests show a desire for command, so keeping him as a second or assistant to someone more socially acceptable should be no problem.