Allison is a short, pert, perky, black-haired, human . . well, girl, really.  She's is obviously chatty, seems rather cheerful, and is usually smiling.  Often (or at least some of the time) she displays a sharp wit (that in some cases may bite too deeply).

In some ways, she seems very na´ve in that she doesn't seem to know much of the world at large.  In other ways, she shows an insight and awareness that just seems out of place.

She wears studded leather armor; like her hair, it is black.  She wears "partial gloves" -- they are black.  Her boots; black.  It seems she likes the color black.  If it weren't for her personality, one might think she is a brooding, moody teenager . . . or in mourning . . . but again, these assumptions are readily contradicted by outward signs of her disposition.

She is armed with a sword and a crossbow.  She also carries a backpack.  (Of course, it's black . . . )