Saga Sjogren

Her blue eyes are sharp and predatory. Saga is a bit tall and imposing standing at an even 5'11, or just over 1.8 meters, with a muscular physique. Her squared face and small bust gives the woman a tomboyish look. Her hips are rather broad making up for her lack of sex appeal upstairs and ensuring that the kick she'll plant in someone's ass will be very unpleasant. Her light skin has a touch of color imbued by what little sunlight she's been able to catch over the past several years, indicating that she's either been indoors or on ships for quite awhile.

                                                                                                                 ~~ Neck Tat to the right ~~

Saga's dirty-blonde hair is braided and pulled back in extravagant fashion. She has a smattering of tribal tattoos along her body, the most noticeable ones along the left side of her neck and another along her upper right-hand torso which extends all the way down to her mid bicep. Despite her rugged lifestyle the only scarring on her face rests just below the the outside corner of her left eye where she took a nasty cut which angles downwards toward the neck along her cheek. Saga tends to wear sleeveless shirts and prefers a hefty pair of cargo pants anchored into place with a tied piece of cord through the belt loops, favoring them for their many pockets. She's never without some sort of firearm or combat knife. Her boots are heavy indicating some sort of metal reinforcing the toes.

  ~~ Shoulder/Arm Ink ~~