Saul T. Navarro
Saul is a fit Asian man who bears more in line with the descriptor of wiry than muscular. Standing at almost six feet it's obvious his slightly taller stature is from spending a lot of time in Zero-G and he barely can fit into many of the aerospace fighter cockpits that are in existence.  He often dresses in casual but somewhat current trend clothing...mind it's current trending from the Capellan Confederation so everyone's a critic.

Normally there never appears to be a weapon on his person.  That only changes if he knows he's going to be running into trouble and if that's the case he'll pick up whatever is available to use. Generally speaking he pairs this by keeping himself clean shaven and his black hair while longer doesn't go much past his chin...enough to tie back in a tight short ponytail if needed or left loose. A closer look at his face shows that he doesn't have the youthful glow of someone just out of their teenage years but isn't so set to show he's some grizzled veteran or older man that had been beaten down or seen too much.