Lucie Axelle
A tiny young woman, lost easily in the crowds of fit, hulking folk that make their primary trade war in this benighted age, Lucie has the look of a wallflower that has found herself pressed into bloody work and somehow managed to keep from being overly stained in it, often settling herself with her back to the wall, huddled in the corners and hoping people don't suddenly decide to come down on her and do things like ask her questions.

Because she finds the answers awkward, usually, she's not very good with people you see, and would very much prefer to avoid them getting out of hand.

Ordinarily wears a short sleeved bodysuit beneath an old aviator's jacket that's perhaps a size or two too big, and a set of cargo pants that are about the same size, she reasons that this is the best compromise between her own self awareness and the practical necessities of surviving a BattleMech's cockpit in action that she's liable to get.