Esyth Hautdesert
Esyth Hautdesert is a young woman of fine features and graceful stature. However, despite those traits normally being found on noble ladies or their handmaidens, Esyth is an oddity in these lands: a fighting woman. Schooled in the knightly arts by...someone from her youth, she has vague memories of some giant of a man with streaks of white shot through a green beard, but when she tries to focus on those memories they fade like smoke on the wind. All Esyth knows is that she is a woman of action, guided by the tenants of chivalry, even if such a thing is being forgotten in these dark days after Camelot. How or why she holds to these is unknown to her, but she knows it has something to do with her blood. This is confirmed by the fact that she is has strange and unusual abilities that most of the peasants that she comes across do not seem to posses. But those questions of identity give way to the concerns of the moment. These lands are filled with danger and mystery, and she is compelled to seek both out, for that is what a knight is supposed to do.