As a boy, Ghakarhi was originally from a small village in Yeji in the kingdom of Chumburung (in the north of modern-day Ghana), a rural community of Chumburu fisherman and farmers close the the Volta river. That was until the village was raided by slavers working for the Dutch West India Company. Some of the villagers were killed, most were taken. In the docks at Accra he managed to escape during a riot and stowed away on board a merchant vessel. The vessel was raided by feared pirate, Captain Daniel Richards, known as Shining Dan for his bald head and glistening gold teeth. Dan took pity on the boy and allowed him to join his crew. He has been a pirate ever since, serving Dan loyally for ten years until the captain was betrayed by one of the crew! captured and hanged in Antigua.

Now a man, well over six foot tall, he is an experienced seafarer who has proved himself time and again. He enjoys pirating, but enjoys killing slavers more. Given the opportunity he will always try to free slaves from their shackles.

He has a special hatred for the Dutch.

On ship he sports a pair of long dirks and a brace of palm pistols. On land he supplements this with a heavy-looking musket and a pair of cutlasses strapped to his back. He has a reputation as a fearless warrior taken by bloodlust in the heat of battle.