The Watcher
Nickname: GM or Gerry (my real-life name) but I don't really mind.
Gender/Pronoun: In real life, I am male. Online, I might be anything.  But, playing so many characters, they/their is probably the easiest to stick with.
Nationality/Location: I was born in England but have lived in Texas for most of my life.  I am currently just outside Fort Worth.
Online Time: Tuesday nights are usually the best for me but I can usually make anytime with just a little notice.
OS/Browser:  I alternate between Windows 10/Edge browser and iPhone 5 (yes, that old)/Safari browser.
Text Background: I use the default light background and sometimes the dark background.
Anything Else: I start every super game with the Mystery Men soundtrack.  It has been a good luck charm.  I will be playing it first IC reply.