Hero Name:   Coffyn
Real Name:   Rovina Diavolo  (The Ruin of the Devil)
Pronouns:     She/Her

Playbook:    The Doomed

Theme:       Premonitions by The Vaults

Look:        Mediterranean/Italian, Haunted Eyes, Grim/Goth clothing

Abilities:   Telekinesis, Psychic Constructs, Vitality Absorption (Ghosts and Necroplasm)

Nemesis:     Mephisto

Danger:        +1
Freak:          +2
Savior:         +1
Superior:       -1
Mundane:       0

Sanctuary:   Resides in a mausoleum on the grounds of one of the city's largest cemeteries, Pine Grove. It has a meditation space, a power enhancement system, and healing equipment. It is easily damaged or tampered with and is tied directly to my doom. Rovina calls this Sanctuary - Sudario Della Morte, Death's Shroud.


[ X ] Afraid    (-2 to directly engage a threat)
[  ] Angry     (-2 to comfort or support or pierce the mask)
[  ] Guilty    (-2 to provoke someone or assess the situation)
[  ] Hopeless  (-2 to unleash your powers)
[  ] Insecure  (-2 to defend someone or reject other's influence)


I mark Doom boxes whenever I - Overexert Myself or Face Danger Alone.

Doom Boxes     [ X ]   [  ]   [  ]   [  ]   [  ]


Dark Visions:   Mark your doom track to have a vision about the situation at hand. After the vision, ask the GM a question; they will answer it honestly.


This character is based on the X-Men character of Wicked, Earth 616. She might be a manifestation of this character but set in the Earth time period we find ourselves in now. At the reveal of her powers to her parents, the X-Men have been contacted and Jean Grey has become her Mentor and advisor in getting her into the Stanley School. She is now on her way of joining the X-Men. Coffyn manifests the same powers as Wicked. She can use the Necroplasm left by the dead to create psychic manifestations of ghosts to frighten, manipulate, as well as see, hear and experience through their eyes. She can change the density of the Necroplasm to have them attack with blunt force as well as shield her with defense. The ghostly manifestations can move and hurl objects which looks like telekinesis and the ghosts can pass through people absorbing their vitality. And of course, anything else creative she can come up with.

When did you first learn of your doom?

As a child she has always had the gift of seeing and speaking with the undead and the ghosts that float constantly around us. But at the age of 14 she was visited by Mephisto for interfering with HIS undead and draining HIS own powers through the use of her powers of the manipulation of the dead. She was warned by HIM that she needed to stop, or HE would bring Doom upon her in the future. She stopped using her powers for a while, but fate gets in the way, and she must unleash her powers to protect herself and others.

When did you get your sanctuary?

Rovina has a tendency to run away from her problems and after her encounter with Mephisto, she ran as fast and as far away as she could. She found herself drawn to the cemetery that seemed to be calling out to her. There she found her Sanctuary, which is now hidden and protected by the dead.

Why do you oppose your nemesis?

Rovina opposes Mephisto mostly because he is the embodiment of evil. She also opposes him in a vain effort to stay alive and hold back the inevitable. Fate has given her these powers and she feels she must use them. She is a brash young woman, and no one tells her what she can and cannot do. Even Mephisto.

Who, outside of the team, is crucial to defeating your nemesis?

Besides her family, there are two important people in her life. One is the grounds keeper of the cemetery, Amos Shultz. He is her friend, and confident. He protects her, and the Sanctuary, as well as keeping her secret. Amos has led her to her second most important person, which is a Catholic Priest named Father Benton Stone whom she confides in. She has found some solace with Father Stone and has come to learn that he may play a large part in the defeat of Mephisto. This both relieves and terrifies her.

Her family consists of her father Garret, her mother Evangelina, (Eva), and her brother Radley. She has a rocky relationship with her family for she keeps running away, for days at a time. In her mind, this is to keep her family safe. In the eyes of the law and everyone else, she is just a delinquent and needs to stay at home. Father Stone has interceded and has begun to "talk" to the family about everyone's needs. In the past 6 months, Rovina has finally opened up with Father Stone's help, and has bestowed upon the family the knowledge of her powers and her meeting with Mephisto. The family is working through all of this with the help of Father Stone. After revealing herself, the X-Men were contacted by Father Stone and Jean Grey has become Rovina's mentor and advisor. Jean had gotten her into the Stanley School, but as a probationary student. For the first year of being in this new school, Rovina was kept from the other students in fear of Mephisto showing up. They needed to keep the other students safe, and so for an entire year, she was kept in a different wing for her own protection as well as the other students. After a year's worth of evaluation, and not knowing what to really do about future portents, it was decided by the powers that be, that she could attend the school as a normal super. Coffyn has been transferred to Thomas House along with the other students in the game.

Why does the team matter to you?

Rovina knows deep down that she cannot take on Mephisto alone. Father Stone has alluded to this as well. She is insecure and has absolutely no one she can talk to that is her own age. She has been moved to a "supers" school where she must learn to control her powers, join a "supers" group, and learn that there are others like her out in the world. She is not alone. She has joined the ranks of the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Avengers. Rovina will hopefully join the group because of commonality, and mostly because she desperately needs someone to help her out - for she cannot accomplish these trials alone.

To be determined:

When our team first came together...
We paid a high cost for victory. What was it?

You told _________________ all about your doom and the danger you are in.
You'd love to kiss _______________ before your doom comes.

These people matter for what you need to do. Give influence to two of your teammates.

Below is Coffyn's outfit, but in black and the yellow highlights in purple