Sugarra definitely takes after her Human father far more than her Half-Orc mother. At a distance, she seems more a human woman with exotic features. When she gets closer, however, the true nature of her parentage comes into focus. With a figure less brutish than some of her cousins, she wears clothing which tends to accentuate her more feminine form. She would say it is for added mobility and comfort but, in truth, she likes the attention. At 6 feet tall, she does not tower as others among her kin, yet she can still command attention when needed and even fancies herself a bit of an entertainer. Dark hair falls and frames her face as soft eyes scan about. She takes a deep breath to steady herself and tells the tales she has learned to any who will listen. There is a light rumble in her tone which almost masks her sultry voice in a bit of mystery. Those listening would find their gaze drawn to the source of that voice where a small tusk-like tooth protrudes upward yet doesn't seem too out of place