Savia has pale alabaster skin; upon very close inspection it is almost translucent, ghostly. Her visage is made all the more eerie by her pure black eyes; two deep, shadowy voids. Her long, dark hair hangs down to her shoulder blades and is pushed back over each of her delicate elven ears. Standing a finger over six feet tall Savia is of above average height for an elf but not extraordinarily tall. She appears lean but muscled, unusually so for a typical elf. Strangely, light seems to dull around her as if she casts shadow by pure proximity. She could be mistaken for wearing a mask at how emotionless she is and while willing to engage with others she appears ever set in stone, without joy or sorrow.

She is heavily armored, wearing a suit of dark enamelled chainmail which has a number of nicks and chips in the black coating. The metal armor is trimmed below the waist and chain tassets protect her upper thighs. Her metal chain gauntlets match the armor, black metal with the coloring worn at the knuckles and fingertips. Underneath the armor she wears a simple set of dark colored travellersí clothes, a grey undershirt, high collared black leather jerkin, black leather breeches and boots. She wears a grey hooded travellerís cloak with the embroidered profile of a ravenís head facing left emblazoned across the back. An amulet on a metal chain hangs from her neck over her armor, a small silver disc with the image of a ravenís head hangs from the end. She carries a backpack over one shoulder and a black painted metal kite shield on her back is chipped and scarred but clearly visible on the front is the same raven's head symbol as is on her cloak and amulet.

Savia is armed with a longsword and dagger, both sheathed on her left hip, a light crossbow and quiver of bolts hangs from her right. Her weapons do not look unusual, the leather grips on the sword and dagger are well-worn, the scabbards nicked and damaged. The crossbow looks practically unused.