An elderly woman in the habit of the Cenobitic Sisters of the Crystalline Dragon, Thorona has donned mail and taken up mace and shield in the service of her faith. She believes herself called to take the battle to the Chaotic enemy and means to express her devotion through the direct enforcement of Law in her divine patron's name.

Some find her rigidity offputting, or her zeal unnerving. She is neither strong nor hale, nor has she ever had a head for books. But with the trials of age have come hard-won gifts of simple wisdom.

Others will soon take notice of the way she mutters under her breath, seemingly talking to herself in a frequent running commentary, though what she’s actually saying is anyone’s guess, especially since she herself does not seem aware she’s doing it. Her mutterings are punctuated by groans, sighs, and the popping of her joints.