Ash the Apprentice is a slender man of average with auburn hair and green eyes. He wears his hair shoulder length and has a short moustache and beard; while not strikingly handsome he has attracted a few female admirers. He himself is a sucker for a pretty face.

Ash is rarely to be found not wearing green. Not only is it his favourite colour he believes it to be a lucky colour and going without at least some green on his person would surely spell disaster. Due to his thieving profession he does at least restrict himself to the darker hues so as to still blend into shadows.

Ash's deepest secret is that is not the wily and tough street rat he pretends to be but the black sheep son of a perfectly respectable merchant. He can read (though he generally pretends he cant for fear of being seen as soft) secretly prefers wines to ales (not that he can often afford either) and bathes more often than your average thief. He is at least greedy like a normal thief.