Height: 5'0"
Weight: 140#
    Hair: Sandy Brown
    Eyes: Blue

Benny is a bit of a simpleton and their is a large scar underneath the hairline on the right side of his face near the temple.  He has flashes of insight that seem out of place and surprisingly  someone took the time to teach him to read.

He thinks he was born and raised in Ogmna in the Kingdom of Robnynn.  He can remember waking up just inside an entrance to the old mines.  Everyone he met in the taverns knew his name but he recognized none of them.

Benny's right gauntlet is named Knight and after a long conversation she convinced him to travel to the borderlands.  He'll either help or die trying.  Given how everyone dies and is born again to become an immortal it is ok.  He will get to that point eventually whether in this body or the next.

He'll fight to protect those he likes.  He's dressed in plate mail and wields a Mace.  He abandoned his shield long ago to hold the Torch as he doesn't like the dark. A small charm has been welded to the top of his right gauntlet.  It is in the shape of a capital 'N' except the cross piece starts and ends a third from the edge.