Falco Mugwort
Age: 43
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 195#
Skintone: Tanned
Gender: Male
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dirty Brown w/Grey (usually matted & unkept)

Falco Mugwort is a lowborn man who rarely puts much thought beyond his short-term needs and wants. He is small-minded and uncouth. His face has clearly seen too many bar brawls. He has a pot gut and tends to stoop over. With his lack of interest in bathing and poor mannerisms, he's certainly not one to appeal to women that have any degree of standards.

He knows he's not very smart and tends to take the direct approach to solving problems unless he likes someone else's idea better. Superstitious, he doesn't like cats (possessed by witches) or dogs (possessed by demons) either one.

His clothing and gear is ragged and he clearly his puts his money elsewhere (beer and carousing).