Alice Kelley
Alice Cynthia Kelley was born in 1993 as the second and youngest child of father John, an Analytic Methodologist who worked at the CIA and mother Celine a School Superintendent. She has an older brother who is a Captain in the Marine Corps.  She grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood of North Potomac, Maryland and had a happy childhood. She was bright and excelled at school -- particularly math and science -- and was an exceptional athlete, gaining letters in soccer, basketball and softball.  She attended the University of Maryland graduating with a dual major in Foreign Studies and Mathematics and spent a year studying abroad in Dubai where she took intensive Arabic language courses and Middle Eastern studies.

On graduation, she applied for the CIA to follow her fatherís footsteps but was instead recruited by the NDL which offered better starting pay and promised more rapid advancement.  She graduated from the NDLís rigorous training academy, earning high marks in Computer Analytics and Intelligence Analysis.

Because of her proficiency in computers and reasonable grasp of Arabic, Aliceís first post was in Cairo where she has been working the past 6 months.  Though Alice liked the job, as a woman she found the Middle Eastern cultural restrictions somewhat stifling, and the actual day-to-day job duties starting to feel a bit dry.  She was eager for a change, but had enough discipline to stay put until she had gained sufficient experience to warrant an advancement within the Company, or has built a resume impressive enough to find work outside the NDL.

Last year, because of her good IT skills, she was assigned to some field work to investigate a top secret, scientific program being launched by a collaboration between Russia and Iran. She ended up exposing a rogue double agent within her own organization and managed to confiscate important documents that provided a great boost to NDL counterintelligence. The assignment,however successful, was also a harrowing experience. She took a bullet to the shoulder and worse, in the course of that investigation, she was duped into believing another NDL agent was corrupt and, following orders from her corrupt case manager, she liquidated the person. After she cracked the case, she learned the agent, Edward Silva, who had been a friendly acquaintance, was actually innocent. This sent Alice into a major depression and she sought counseling and is a source of pain to her to this day. So disgusted was she with the NDL, she sought out and was granted a new position as a field agent in the CIA where she is just starting out after a leave of absence.

Alice is an attractive Caucasian woman of 27.  She has pale gray eyes and wears her ash blonde hair in a square cut bob.  She stands five foot seven inches tall and weighs one hundred thirty pounds. She usually wears loose fitting sun dresses, slacks and long untucked shirts and head scarves out of respect for the conservative Muslim protocols of her host country. She is an exceptionally fit woman who does grueling Crossfit workouts in her spare time.  She scored sharpshooter at the NDLís pistol range and holds a brown belt in Hapkido.

Being a driven career woman has had its downside.  Aside from a one year relationship in college, she has never had any other serious romantic relationships.  She also has not developed any close friendships beyond the friendly-acquaintance level at her Cairo post.  When she is not working or exercising, Alice is a somewhat solitary and lonely woman.  She reads a lot - mostly non-fiction histories and biographies and she likes hiking and photography.