Name: Milo of House Dominicus

Appearance: 5 ft 5 in, pale, thin skin, oily shoulder-length pitch black hair, vibrant green eyes, strikingly handsome but in poor health. He looks like he is in his mid-to-late twenties.

Personality: Milo is a quiet person who does not trust easily. He is deeply conflicted with his own past, but also deeply ambitious about getting stronger to enact his vengeance.

History: Raised in House Dominicus of The Magic Kingdom from The Realm of Arzengrande as a proper young gentleman, Milo quickly awoke to his hereditary magical powers, which was a cruel twist of fate. Barely meeting the requirement to serve in the Lord's Army despite trying to fail the test, Milo's life was thrown upside down at the tender age of 12, and he was forced to train in secret as a special operative.

Years of brutal exertion and even worse punishments by both his merciless instructors and resentful peers, Milo graduated at the age of 18, and was sent to fight against the Demon Lord for three years of service. He made and lost many friends during this time and saw terrible things.

However, things got worse when he was pulled from active combat a few months early and was directed against other humans when negotiations betwixt nations broke down. Forced to commit atrocities against his will, on penalty of death, Milo only lasted for four years before having a breakdown and escaping the secret division that was Lord's Army.

He was on the run for two years, as his domestic pursuers constantly trailed him far and wide, things were getting more grim for him as the chase grew more aggressive.

Inevitably, he was captured. But, instead of being killed right away, his captors slowly leeched away his magic until he was down to his last spells.

That was when his life once again changed drastically, and he found himself in this new world with the dregs of the mighty power he once wielded.

Equipment: He carries lots of survival equipment, some basic mage's equipment (spellbook, various powders and whatnot), and a couple daggers and poison capsules in case he gets stuck in a worse-case situation where he will be taken alive.