Jack, "the Shadow Man" is a lanky human with long raven hair and pasty pale skin. He stands at roughly average height, though a bit on the scrawny side. The irises of his eyes are black as night and he often walks hunched and looking over his shoulders. He wears a silver signet ring of an unknown house and tattered clothes that were once an elegant Oslandian outfit. He wields no obvious weapons but possesses an assortment of scrolls and tomes written in strange tongues only he seems to understand. Shadows seem to cling to him wherever he goes and there is always an ominous aura to him.

During the day, he's often in good spirits and seems like a relatively harmless and friendly fellow. A bit nervous and skittish, but not untoward. However, when the sun goes down his demeanor changes greatly. He becomes distracted, paranoid, and renews his creepy habit of skulking about and muttering to himself.

Even when Jack pays you no mind and there are no others about, you get the strange sense that you're being watched while in his presence, even though there's nothing but shadows behind you...

OOC: Haha, I know, "edgelordy much" but there's gotta be one 'dark creepy one' in every well-rounded group right? Guess that's me this time.

If your character has special senses, divination magic, or strong intuition you'll be able to sense the dark presence that follows him around. It is not friendly but Jack does his best to keep it in check.