Yana Whitlock

 Yana was born to a father who was a ranking member of the city thieves' guild, run by a man known as The Gentleman.  She never knew who her mother was as her father never discussed it.  He tried to keep her insulated from guild politics as best he could, not wanting his child to be as corrupt and cynical as he was.  He made sure she was trained in many of the ways of the "acquisition engineers" around her, though, just to be safe.  She was required to do some minor work, but nothing too dangerous, mostly being left to her own devices, which consisted mostly on working on clocks, gears and other mechanical things.  Yana had dreams of owning her own clock repair shop one day, a dream her father heartily encouraged, if only because he figured it could be a great front for the guild.
She had even picked up and interest in magic, a trait that her father once enigmatically hinted that she might have inherited from her mother.
 When one of her father's rivals, a man named Agnar Torvald, but mostly known to the outside world as The Jackalope, assassinated the Gentleman's local Guildmaster and took his place, however, everything came crashing down.  Knowing that he and his daughter were slated for "retirement" from the new regime, Cal Whitlock hustled his still sleep-addled daughter from the guild house, covering her escape with his own life.  As she watched her father being cut down from the safety of a nearby rooftop, Yana fled in tears.
 Even the most gentle soul can cry out for revenge, so the young rogue put her quiet dreams of domestic bliss on hold.  She knew she was no match for the thieves guild, but knew also that a humble clockmaker would never be.  She still studies clockworks and such, optimistically planning for a post-revenge future, but for now is focusing on ways to be a match for her family enemies.  She was physically ill the first time she took a life, but has been getting tougher in the days since.

 Motivation & Goals:

 Yana wants to learn to fight and to master the meager thieving skills her father taught her.  She is not cocky enough to become obsessed by avenging her father, but is hopeful that someday she can force a reckoning (though she doesn't have the faintest idea how).  Alone in the world, she is just trying to survive, and get strong enough so she may never again feel the kind of soul-tearing fear she felt on that rooftop.


 Just to the pretty side of plain, Yana is pleasant to look at without being beautiful enough to stand out in a crowd; i.e. a thief's ideal appearance.  Sometimes she wishes that she were more striking, like some of the noblewomen she sees passing in the street in carriages, but isn't sure she'd want that kind of attention.  She is an intense person around new things to learn, but is shy around people.  She's never mastered the people skills of the guild's various con-men.  Instead, she enjoys locks, traps and devices of all sorts, seeming to prefer their company over other humans.  She has a studious, almost sad face, as if she's tired of the world, but is quick with half smile if need be.