Osmon Mambetov
The third child of Frederic and Isvanna Mambetov, he is 26 years old and and demonstrates an intuitive grasp of magical theory. When his home was invaded, his parents sent him to Neverwinter to ensure that the Mambetov line would survive while they and his siblings stayed behind to help fight the invaders. The evacuation was chaotic and with little advance notice of their coming the people and government of Neverwinter were not ready to receive them causing many refugees to scatter across the Sword Coast seeking shelter. Osmon assists the leader of the refugees, Calinda Semhearst, by investigating claims of abuse amongst the refugees, both within and without, and it is while doing so that he first came into contact with Gundren Rockseeker.

Osmon is high strung and easily startled, though he is not inclined to run away from a threat or challenge. While he understands why he was sent away, he feels guilty that he is not helping his family during these difficult times. He copes by doing what he can to help his fellow refugees and refuses to leave anyone else behind. Whenever possible he prefers to be methodical, planning each action with careful consideration for what could go wrong.

Osmon is a human male standing just shy of six feet tall. Naturally slim and pale but a year as a refugee has stripped any excess weight he carried. His hair is dark, though noticeably lighter on the sides, cut short on the sides, longer on top, and swept to the left. His eyes are a common bluish-grey, seeming to sparkle and shift to a deeper blue whenever he is excited. His nose is relatively broad and flat with a small bridge giving it a slight aquiline appearance. His most unusual feature is a set of faint rosettes running from his hairline at his temples to his neck; the a result of an experiment done by his great-grandfather Cecil on using magic to alter the physical traits of a creature that has marked many of his descendants.

His gear is of good quality but common materials and though it has been well tended is showing the accumulation of wear-and-tear from his last year as a refugee. He favours a long, sleeveless dark brown coat with white and yellow trim and many pockets of varying size where he stores his tools and components and accessories with pouches attached to his belt opposite the journal filled with his notes on magical theory and observations.