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13:59, 13th April 2024 (GMT+0)

Calum O'Keer

Tall and slender, Calum O'Keer would be considered 'lanky' by many.  His dark eyes never seem to rest and his short, dark hair is often unruly from having hands run through it.  A gesture that both speaks less of nerves and more of the inability to truly sit still for too long.  While he keeps himself mostly clean shaven, he seems to have a perpetual stubble around his upper lip and jaw line.

He tends to prefer loose-fitting, long sleeve shirts, the sleeves pushed up and the throat unbuttoned.  His pants match, simple cargo-style trousers that would fit in any of the countless galactic spaceports.  The only two things set him apart - the wide-brimmed hat and the heavy blaster at his hip.