Anoushka Li
Anoushka Li a confidence trickster and occasional fortune teller from one of the nomadic Gur tribes of the Western Heartlands.  Her ability to tell fortunes may be real but undependable or it may be just another confidence trick.  She knows which it is, but others don't.  On second thoughts, maybe she doesn't know either (although she could be lying about that).

She has soft hair the colour of a raven's wing and eyes to match while her lips are red like roses, like the insides of beautiful women.  Her skin is nut brown and she dresses gaily in the brightest colours imaginable and in some colours which are quite frankly UN-imaginable.

She speaks Rashemi, Chondathan, Illuskan, Elvish, Dwarvish and the barbarous tongues of the endless wastes as well as the Gur dialect of course, which nobody else speaks.

She carries ropes and scarves, the latter with gold pieces in the corners to make an ideal garotte.  Locks beg for mercy in her presence and traps cower away.  What else?  Else will be seen somewhere on the long road.