Roland Tyr
Orphaned at an early age and adopted by the clerics of Tyr. Roland adopted the name of the God of the Temple. When he cane of age he served with the Purple Dragoons of Cormyr who rode under King Azounís command to combat the Zhentarimís legions influence in the kingdoms.  Ten years he rides with the dragoons and served until being wounded badly when a bolt took an eye from him. He has since retired from Cormyrís service and not long after he was recruited by the Moonstars, which suits him fine. He prefers the cloak ans dagger and not the rank and file method to accomplish his goals.  He travels as a mercenary for hire to gain entry into circles he has  to infiltrate.  From time to time he submits jis findings to the Moonstars and awaits their word on how  best to thwart evil.