Martin Tam
Name:   Martin Tam
Race:   Human
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 155 pounds
Hair:   Brown
Eyes:   Hazel
Age:    23

A tall, lean man, Martin's face is a bit wind burned and he frequently has a haunted look in his eyes. He likes to smile but has not found much to smile about in the recent past. Hailing from Impiltur in the Eastern Reach, a prominent trading region, he is fluent in several languages. He has the look of an experienced sailor about him, wind burned face and tousled hair.

He wears a black shirt and scarf much of the time, but a red sash is worn around the waist and he wears a traditional curved blade at his waist.  A thin silver chain hangs around his neck, but whatever hangs from it is worn underneath his shirt.