Xiaoli Kou
The Blue Orchid. Holy warriors in the service of Nola whose blades are guided by a power and law higher than that of men, some might (in hushed tones) call the members of the Blue Orchid “assassins”, But amongst their own and those who have need of their skills, there is another term for what they do.


With the motto of the Blue Orchid etched across her arms in scar tissue and lovingly inked floral highlights, Xiaoli embodies the values of the brotherhood. Upon her right arm, “Nurture the Virtuous” and upon her left, “Cull the Wicked”. Skilled in moving swiftly and slaying enemies with a single stroke, it is sometimes hard to marry the diametrically opposed aspects of her duty and her personality.

Cheerful and eager to bend an elbow with the best of them at the tavern, she could easily be mistaken for an exotic bard. She makes friends readily, and it seems almost odd that this initiate of the mystic arts and holy warrior is so worldly. It is hard to imagine her as a woman who has studied at great length the art of hand to hand combat and bladed combat directed against the forces of evil. There was a time when she was lost and sought to cleanse her soul and embraced the philosophy and aesthetic teachings of Nola.

She has purple hair, and the pale, porcelain-like skin of the pureblooded Suel people. Her eyes are green, and she has multiple tattoos across her body. She is tall, six feet to be exact, and agile, and as wise as she is beautiful. She wears no armor, instead trusting in her agility and her aesthetics's training to keep her out of harm's way. She wears a pair of bracers emblazoned with dragonflies sitting in an open palm. She carries one weapon, a scimitar, and does not normally wear shoes, although she has a pair of sandals that she will wear for important functions. A minimalist, she does not care for material possessions, and instead will use funds for experiences, such as tattoos, good food, drinks, or drugs to enhance and open her mind.

She begins each morning with meditation and yoga, to center herself, and to prepare for whatever challenges the day brings.