Tassrilann Silverglow

Bright red curly hair with small silver clips fall past curved hips and frames a heart-shaped face with fringe and long locks by her ears, her face is beautiful with defined elven features. Large eyes with thick full lashes often with a touch of bronze or red eyeshadow. The right eye is golden and the left eye is violet.  Small full lips curve up into a warm smile and often a teasing smile. There is a scattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks and there is a defined beauty mark just at the corner of her right eye.

Taz prefers to wear form-fitting clothing that complements her figure even her armor is flattering to her figure. A rapier hangs on her right side elegant the pommel designed to protect her hand. leather gloves always cover her hand's thigh-high boots encase her legs offering her some protection from them. A hat set with a silvery feather completes the outfit. A dagger at the thigh, and left hip a dark cloak covers this.

While not a priestess, she venerates Wee-Jas as a nod to her personal linage.