DescriptionMorrigyn is a gorgeous human woman of mixed chelaxian and varisian ancestry.  She stands five foot four, with dark black hair worn in a loose fall to her waist, grey eyes, has a curvy figure, and moves with a submissive grace most of the time.  She generally wears short and revealing dresses, though this varies on her Masterís whims.  She carries little in the way of weapons and wears no armor.

Personality Morrigyn has a mixed personality, at times she is fiery, spirited, and wonít take shit from anyone, but when it comes to Lucian she is utterly devoted and submissive doing whatever he wants when he wants it.  While she at one time obeyed him in horror now she does so out of love and devotion.  She enjoys her life now and does her best to serve her Master as he wishes.

The effects of her curse have left her easily distracted when her Master is around, or when he is not, and she tends to be rather unobservant of her surroundings and incapable of surviving on her own.  She cares little for others unless their presence somehow serves her Master's needs but she always keeps her word.

BackgroundMorrigyn is a woman of mixed ancestry born in Nidal.  Her father Peter is a Chelaxian noble from Kintargo who was appointed tehre as the Chellish Ambassador while her mother, Zalina, is a Varisian slave belonging to her father.  As Morrigyn grew up she knew that she was above the common rabble, but not by much, due to her heritage as a noble bastard.  It didn't give her any real authority but her father took responsibility for his offspring, legitimate or not, and Morrigyn was no exception.

At birth Morrigyn had shadowy black hair and it remained that way despite both her parents having vivid dark red hair on their heads.  It was seen as a sign that she had been touched by the shadows of Nidal and given theri blessing which helped improve Chellish/Nidalese relations.  When she reached adolescence Morrigyn began to grow into a great beauty with a commanding presence and began to practice some of the more traditional varisian dances with her mother.  Morrigyn was fascinated with magical tools, particularly wands and other items used to cast spells, and became good at adapting and learning to use them.

When she reached the age of seventeen Morrigyn began to slip out of the estate and slum it with the other youths.  During this she met a tiefling who she loathed at first sight named Lucian Rife.  The pair got along like oil and water and Morrigyn had no problem using her superior station, even as a bastard of the ambassador, to lord it over Lucian.  There was a bit more than just that behind her actions because she secretly found him quite intriguing, if not attractive, and that made her little slights all the worse with their barb.

Eventually, right around the time she turned eighteen, Morrigyn was slumming it in the same place that Lucian was and the pair got involve in a drunken game of chance trying to one up each other.  Lucian had by all rights won when Morrigyn made a wager that would have shocked the house, she wagered herself.  Morrigyn wagered that she would become Lucian's devoted love slave for the rest of their lives if she lost this round.  If she won Lucian was to give her all of the winnings for the night and admit that he was the lowest scum of the earth not good enough to lick her boots.  Morrigyn, at least, did not remember anything about that part of the night but when she woke up the next morning, in Lucian's bed, with a massive hangover, she found herself doing what he told her without hesitation and calling him her Master!?

Morrigyn's wager had a terrible power and a devil enforced her bargain cursing her to always follow through with her word.  The binding was stronger than any geas ever cast and none could determine a way to break it.  With no choice Morrigyn was cast out of her home and made to live with Lucian.  She didn't resent what happened to her, even if she remembered the why, and she couldn't understand why she felt like she had about him before.  It was like that was a different person entirely and she did not care.  Where Lucian went Morrigyn went, and anything he did to her, from collaring her, making her follow him on a leash, binding her, and doing otherwise terrible things to her, brought Morrigyn nothing but pleasure and love and a desire for more.  She also developed something like clerical magic as a consequence of what happened and became an Shadow Oracle bound to her Master forever more.