Khala is an eighteen year old Kitsune who adopts a much more human appearance than most.  She sports long blonde hair, a pair of fox ears atop her head with matching fur, and nine tails flowing behind her.  her true form is that of a human sized bi-pedal fox with fur matching her hair.  She has a purely human looking for than matches her usual one but missing the ears and tails.  Her eyes are always amber colored and her skin in her forms is always pale.

Khala wears flashy garments in whites, blacks, golds, and purples that almost inevitably have skirts and show of her impressive bosom.  Her tails can appear normal with just fur or she can make them look like they are made of crystal or even light as she pleases.  When she is expecting a fight she uses her abilities to bend reality and overwrite parts of it it for short periods of time and carries an ice carbine.

Khala is a diva and can often come off bitchy to people who don't know her.  The truth is she has trouble letting people in and accepting them in kind.  This was a product of both her upbringing and her time performing as an idol.  Once she does let people into her inner circle of trust she can still be a bit bitchy, but it is her way of showing her affections at times and she is fiercely loyal to those individuals.

Khala was born on Absolom Station eighteen years ago to Khine a single  Kitsune woman.  The sudden addition of an infant cut short her travels and Khine took whatever work she could find to make money to support her daughter.  Given Khine's lack of skills suitable for life on a station she ended up working in the redlight district as a prostitute which gave Khala a rather colorful upbringing.  Despite her work though Khine did all she could to support her little girl and give her a better life.

As Khala grew up she quickly developed into a peerless beauty and was blessed by Calistria with the ability to see through the walls of reality and bend it to her will.  Khala was a superb dancer and it when she was old enough to pass for eighteen, but not there yet, she began to work the same brothel as her mother as a dancer.  She never went past the boundaries of acceptable behavior but it was to her great fortune that she didn't have to.

Khala was scouted by a talent agent who noticed her looks and ability to alter her tails appearance and knew her more human look would draw huge crowds of fans making him-er her rich.  Khala was thus introduced into the life of a performer and was billed as the next top idol singer.  Unfortunately reality quickly set in and Khala realized just how much of a scumbag her agent was when he tried to force himself on her not long after she turned eighteen.

Khala rejected him, which infuriated the man, and he vowed to get his revenge on her.  He intended to make her his personal slave but needed a way to make sure he wasn't caught at it. He secretly hired pirates to kidnap her on her way to one of her performances and she would then be sold to a slave market where he would purchase her in secret and keep her locked in the private sections of his personal ship.

The pirates betrayed the man and decided to keep the gorgeous kitsune for themselves.  The only one to have any sympathy for her was named Rixx.  When the crew of a certain ship were hired by her mother to rescue her Rixx was able to help her escape safely and the pair began traveling on the new vessel.  Her recent plight had made Khala more open to this strange group and their polyamorous relationship and it started her on the path to becoming a less bitchy person who was capable of understanding the difference between love and adoration.

Khala still performs but she manages herself now.  Her performances are dictated by where their ship travels and the family she found are always with her.