Name: Tanin (Copper)
Race: Halfling
Sex:  M
Age:  27
Ht:   3 5
Wt:   40#
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue


Copper could almost be mistaken for a dwarf from far away.  He is stocky and muscular for a halfling and it shows.  When you get closer the lack of facial hair and hairy feet give him away, and he looks fairly attractive with his slightly pointd ears sticking through his short sandy brown hair.

His blue eyes have a spark of intelligence.  His right hip hosts a small knife.   Across his back and shoulders is a human sized backpack filled to the brim with odds and ends.

He's an energetic young man who's not afraid of getting dirty or kending a hand.  He will let others lead first.  Used to civilisation he is not in his element outdoors and is trying to adapt.