Torvan was trader for many years, some even say that it was his ancestor that first made the trek across the wasteland, in hopes of finding a faster trade route. As the stories go his ancestor headed out with all his belongings and wagons loaded with supplies, three months later he walked out the other side with nothing but a pair of pants. Not a finish worthy of fanfare, but it was proof that a trade route was possible. It took many more trips before he convinced others to join him on the trek.

The secret that Torvan keeps is that it was not his ancestor, but himself that walked those first steps into the wasteland. He allows those around him to believe he is the descendant of a long linage of humans that have been traveling the wasteland route for generations because that is far easier to explain then the truth. Anytime someone old recognizes him they assume that he is the son or grand son of someone they met years, decades, or centuries ago. He rarely stays in a place long enough to raise suspicions that he is anything more then early to mid 20s.